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January 31, 2012

Novel Solutions is pleased to announce the issuance of Patent 8,104,743, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, having the title of "Pullstring Installation Device For Electrical System Raceways". The resulting patent is a co-inventor effort between Bruce Alan Drummond of Hobart, Indiana and David Brian Stevens of Las Vegas, Nevada. Patent 8,104,743 provides a quick solution for the manual installation of pullstrings within electrical conduits. As described within the patent:
"The present invention is an inexpensive pull string installation device for electrical system raceways, which can be used to aid in the future installation of conductors or cables. With a pull string removably attached to the pull string installation device, the pull string installation device can be removably engaged with an eyelet end of a fish tape and pushed through an electrical system raceway. Upon exiting the electrical system raceway, the pull string installation device disengages from the eyelet end of the fish tape, allowing fish tape removal and completing the installation of the pull string within the electrical system raceway."
January 12, 2013

Novel Solutions is now providing internet access to allow the direct purchase of the QuickFish Rapid Pullstring Installation Device. The QuickFish product line is currently available in four different sizes, and all four sizes can now be directly purchased from Novel Solutions.
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