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About Novel Solutions

Novel Solutions is a small, home based business, whose primary goal is the development of new and useful products, with most of them being automated, to accomplish some sort of useful and tedious task. We are constantly designing and building new products for the marketplace, and in our tiny, little workspace, there are several prototypes of the products that we intend to offer. Some of our prototypes were designed and built to be used internally for manufacturing and packaging purposes, however, many of these prototypes can also provide viable solutions for individuals or companies that need to accomplish similar tasks.

At the present time, our main product line is limited to the patented QuickFish Rapid Pullstring Installation Device. In addition to our existing various prototypes and the QuickFish product line, Novel Solutions is striving towards the manufacturing and marketing of machines for the CNC or electronics hobbyist, which will include several inexpensive linear actuators, various three axis CNC machines, and CNC machinery specifically for creating homemade circuit boards.

As you may have expected, our projects and prototypes keep us fairly busy, but we are always willing to assist in the design of small automated machinery and useful products. If you have a small, tedious, and time consuming task that you want to automate, or just have a darn good idea, please don't hesitate to contact us. We may be willing to assist you.
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